From Humble Beginnings – To the World’s Largest Importer of Organic Darjeeling Tea

The Tea Campaign was founded in 1985 in Berlin, Germany (under its German name “Teekampagne”). It all started in a small basement apartment at the Free University of Berlin. From there, the Tea Campaign grew to the world’s largest importer of genuine organic Darjeeling tea with around 400,000 kg per year.

The Tea Campaign Australia was founded in 2015 from tea enthusiast to bring the finest organic Darjeeling tea to Australia for everyone to enjoy the champagne of teas. We are part of the steadily growing Tea Campaign network, with its headquarter still based in Germany and additional operations in Canada, US and New Zealand and over 180,000 loyal customers from around the globe.

Organic – A Healthy Environment Means Healthy Tea & Healthy People
The Tea Campaign Germany has long invested in the environmental health of Darjeeling which is the district of West Bengal in India where our teas come from. All teas sold within the Tea Campaign network are not only organically produced and certified but also tested for more than 500 chemical residues. These range from herbicides to pesticides and fungicides (which may be transported by wind from neighbouring, non-certified tea-gardens). The results of these tests are printed on each tea package to provide our customers with complete transparency.

Our Principles – Just Darjeeling
We limit ourselves to teas from the region of Darjeeling and import directly from the tea gardens. Tea stores extremely well for long periods of time. Thus, as a pioneering “green” company, we encourage our customers to buy their year’s supply in one large order. This minimises the energy required for shipping, and helps saving on postage and handling. Specialising in Darjeeling tea allows us to carry out the strictest inspections and select the very best quality. Informed consumers are our most loyal partners.

Value for Money – Spread the Word
The Tea Campaign network has mainly grown by word of mouth with minimal traditional marketing methods. This saves on advertising and helps keeping the prices low for our customers. Help us keeping them low and spread the word here in Australia too! Connect with us on facebook and share our delicious tea with your tea loving friends.

Learn more about the man behind the idea, the founder Günter Faltin of the original Tea Campaign Germany.

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